People are saying…

One of our top speakers of the year. Pam’s talk was absolutely fascinating, entertaining and filled with real world practical value. Pam opened our eyes (and ears) to the many subtle and unintentional ways the truth “leaks” out. We all left much better prepared to sort through the noise and find the reliable information we need to make smart decisions

Jon Ellenthal
CEO, Walker Digital Management
President, TEDMED

On behalf of the Virginia Military Institute, its faculty, administration and Corps of Cadets, I thank you…Your expertise was critical to our conference goal…the time and thought that you committed to your presentation was abundantly clear and made a profound impact on our conference attendees as well as the VMI community. Most importantly, you inspired our cadets and enriched their VMI experience in a way that can not be replicated in the classroom. I hope this will not be your last visit …and look forward to welcoming you back to the Post.

J.H. Binford Peay III
General, U.S. Army (retired)

Pamela has a truly unique ability to take the audience through the liespotting process in an entertaining way. She teaches how to understand a whole new language- the language of nodding your head while the answer is actually NO!. There were so many “A-ha!” moments. She was riveting.

Jim Villalon
Treasurer, ACFE Dallas

Pamela Meyer riveted our audience of organizational leaders! She has an uncanny ability to educate and entertain at the same time and she provided incredibly useful information. High rankings all around and it was a pleasure to work with her.

 Anne Blouin
Chief Learning Officer

Pamela Meyer was our keynote speaker at AGA’s Sixth Annual Internal Control & Fraud Conference. She was the perfect speaker, because her topic of uncovering human deception by watching for signals the body makes involuntarily, resonated perfectly with our audience of over 500 government auditors and fraud specialists. Everyone left with priceless skills previously only available to CIA operatives and those trained in the art of interrogation. Pamela is a completely dynamic speaker with incredible stage presence and outstanding visual aids. She was a pleasure to work with, and even allowed extra time to rehearse with our production company a day prior to her presentation, making sure it was flawless. She received 96% good to excellent rating from our attendees, which proved Ms. Meyer was the correct choice to speak at our conference. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Jerome E. Bruce, CMP, CEM
Director of Meetings & Expositions
AGA – Advancing Government Accountability

I’ve actually seen Pamela Meyer – who possesses an incredible level of training and knowledge of the subject – speak on the topic of deception before, and it was both eye-opening and completely entertaining. I found her to be completely brilliant, and she was such an engaging speaker. Meyer brought her wealth of knowledge to the table but also facilitated a fascinating discussion. I was particularly impressed with her practical tips on how to detect deception in everyday life, advising what to do about it without accusing someone. 

Elena Capa

I recently heard Pamela Meyer speak on detecting deception and building trust. She is an inspiration! Pamela does something very few speakers can do: She engages the audience on practical level by providing loads of fascinating take-aways..but she takes her work so much further by exposing the leading edge research and making us think hard about the role we all play in creating a world where integrity rules. Her material is unlike anything I have ever heard. Fascinating, useful and remarkably inspiring.

Dr. Dana Ardi

Imagine having gobs of insight about how to spot liars without actually going through the hell it would require to gather it all personally! Pam Meyer’s speech on liespotting gave us practical tips that were easy to apply immediately. I wish I had seen this speech a few years ago. It definitely would have saved me a few bad hires!

Linda Holiday
CEO, Semi-Linear