Calibrate provides customized, leading edge deception detection training to public and private sector entities worldwide.

Calibrate offers a suite of unique solutions tailored specifically to financial institutions, insurance providers, law firms and human resource professionals. Deceptive communications and practices can cost billions and silently put institutions at risk. Calibrate trains c-suite executives, managers and field-based operators to excel in recognizing deception and in obtaining highly sought-after information when critical decisions must be made.

Calibrate's training includes techniques long-utilized and tested in the intelligence and law enforcement communities:

  • Behavioral analysis
  • Statement analysis
  • Facial micro-expression identification
  • Assessment of verbal and non-verbal indicators of deceit
  • Advanced interrogation methodology
  • Telephone Interviewing
Calibrate, based in Washington D.C. is led by Pamela Meyer, a nationally recognized expert in deception detection, and author of the bestselling book Liespotting. Ms. Meyer holds an MBA from Harvard, a Masters in Public Policy and is a Certified Fraud Examiner. Her team of highly experienced senior business professionals works closely with clients worldwide, to provide a 100% customized, entertaining training experience.


Calibrate customizes fraud interrogation training for insurance companies, third party administrators and self-insured’s worldwide. Training is client-customized, and includes fraudulent and suspicious claim identification, statement analysis, and detection of verbal and non-verbal deceptive behavior. Insurance claims adjusters, appraisers, examiners and investigators learn advanced interrogation techniques, facial micro-expression analysis, and information retrieval tactics designed to uncover critical case facts. Special focus on telephone interviewing that includes voice tone modulation, question formation, use of speakerphone and paralinguistic cues to deceit are included.

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Financial Institutions

Calibrate and its partners work closely with private equity funds, hedge funds and financial institutions to offer a comprehensive suite of screening and training services. Services include negotiation training, risk analysis, earnings call analysis, deception detection training and due diligence assistance. Financial executives often excel at financial statement analysis and identification of market opportunities, yet they are rarely equipped with critical interviewing skills, and information elicitation techniques. Calibrate offers financial institutions customized training and screening programs designed to surface unrecognized financial, human capital and security risks.

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Legal Professionals

Calibrate provides information retrieval, interrogation training and facial micro-expression training to lawyers, judges, mediators, law enforcement professionals and managers of corporate legal departments. Workshops for legal professionals include advanced interrogation techniques, spotting juror skepticism and bias, statement analysis as a tool for advancing negotiations, and deposition strategies for obtaining critical information. In addition, legal professionals are taught how to detect effectiveness of arguments, when to back off and revise the approach and how to detect emotion and shifts in emotion, by reading facial expressions.

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Human Resources

Calibrate provides advanced interviewing workshops for human resources professionals. Topics include uncovering hidden motives, mastering the five stages of an interview, handling challenging situations, surefire rapport busters, candidate profiling, breaking through passive behavior, baselining and story analysis. In addition, human resource managers are taught to identify emotional responses by observing facial microexpressions, body language, verbal and non-verbal indicators of deceit and subtle evasive behavior. With a focus on making informed confident hiring decisions, Calibrate’s HR Training arms participants with a simple yet effective system for candidate evaluation.

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