One Hour Overview Course: Deception Detection 101

Calibrate founder Pamela Meyer is known for her riveting keynote speeches and one-hour training sessions. Her TED Talk has been viewed by over one million and embedded on over 4000 websites.

She provides her audiences with detailed scientific findings on which personality types lie, how deception is expressed in e-mail, on the phone, and in person, and how to detect deception through body language and statement analysis, interviewing techniques, and facial micro-expression identification.

In media-rich multimedia presentations featuring real-life examples, politicians, celebrities and ordinary people,  Meyer keeps her audiences of sales professionals, fraud and insurance investigators, security pro’s and managers laughing while they learn.  She presents a path toward trust that emphasizes integrity, maturity, honesty, and the importance of having difficult conversations during difficult times.

Pamela customizes all one hour sessions to the client’s need or organization’s culture. She works closely with managers ahead of time to carefully craft the right message and deliver a power-packed unforgettable hour.

Topics Include

  • The Five Step Method For Uncovering the Truth
  • Three Patterns of Deception and a Radical Path to Truth
  • Sales Intelligence 101
  • How to use deception detection to identify prospects, reduce closure time and get your prospect to tell you anything you need to know