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I’ve actually seen Pamela Meyer – who possesses an incredible level of training and knowledge of the subject – speak on the topic of deception before, and it was both eye-opening and completely entertaining. I found her to be completely brilliant, and she was such an engaging speaker. Meyer brought her wealth of knowledge to the table but also facilitated a fascinating discussion. I was particularly impressed with her practical tips on how to detect deception in everyday life, advising what to do about it without accusing someone. 

Elena Capa

I recently heard Pamela Meyer speak on detecting deception and building trust. She is an inspiration! Pamela does something very few speakers can do: She engages the audience on practical level by providing loads of fascinating take-aways..but she takes her work so much further by exposing the leading edge research and making us think hard about the role we all play in creating a world where integrity rules. Her material is unlike anything I have ever heard. Fascinating, useful and remarkably inspiring.

Dr. Dana Ardi

Imagine having gobs of insight about how to spot liars without actually going through the hell it would require to gather it all personally! Pam Meyer’s speech on liespotting gave us practical tips that were easy to apply immediately. I wish I had seen this speech a few years ago. It definitely would have saved me a few bad hires!

Linda Holiday
CEO, Semi-Linear

I can’t recommend Pamela’s work highly enough. She is riveting, relevant, incredibly entertaining, and she introduces a new set of skills –and a hidden science that every executive who cares about being on the cutting edge, should learn.

Keith Ferrazzi
Bestselling author, Never Eat Alone  and Who’s Got Your Back